A Center of Possibility

Scale flexibly, develop with options, and secure data.


Rack Space & Equipment Rental


System Monitoring

Tyler Vault serves the needs of large and small business with flexible rack space. We aid the operations, and even growth, of colocation customers through opportunities to peer at the most interconnected data center in the region. Our customers know that a highly redundant infrastructure, including Tyler Vault’s 24/7/365 support, ensures the integrity of their connection, power, and cooling. Beyond this security, such as a multi-path fiber hub, are physical protections including Biometric control, surveillance, environmental sensors, and the native security of a Class III bank vault.


An Adaptable, Intelligent Infrastructure

Face a growing network, ensure efficiency, and the bottom line.

Infrastructure Installation

Network Infrastructure Design

Equipment Rental

Network Security Consulting

Our expert service bridges the gap between your needs and a reliable network. Tyler Vault has an exceptional capability for custom solutions, which are offered at competitive pricing. From single links to enterprise networks, we utilize our years of experience in configuration for large and small businesses.


A Powerful Gateway

Connect with speed, agility, and a surplus of bandwidth.

Consumer Office Internet

Trial War Room Internet

Disaster Recovery Internet

Tyler Vault operates a direct tap into the internet backbone, and serves the most reliable internet in the area. We feature very low latency and a protected redundant connection, with IPV4 and IPV6 addresses available. Multiple carriers utilize our data center, from which we serve gigabits of bandwidth to downtown Tyler offices. Among our premier services is the Trial Internet, a high performance connection with 24/7 support for a war room situation. Our internet service includes timely support on all tiers and is built with bandwidth burst capability; allowing you to handle priority traffic with ease.


A Safe Way to Work

Rely on a community of professionals for technical solutions.

Server Repair & Upgrade

Vendor Mediation

OS & Application Support


Our unique model, the Tyler Vault community, is a network of industry experts whose technical knowledge is made available through our professional support services. Perks and assurances help retain opportunities in business, but at Tyler Vault we reach further to offer solid competition. We have an eye for efficiency and use this skill to compete for our customers.


Flexible Pricing and Payment Options

Count on our affordable and competitive services.

Wire Transfer,
Money Order, ACH

Cash, Check,
Credit Card

Bitcoin, Ethereum,

Focused on you, Tyler Vault works with customers who have certain limits and requirements in pricing. Contact us and see how a personal approach to suiting your needs will result in a price that values your growth.